When it comes to Paint Protection Film, the outcome of the finished product is a marriage of 3 variables:
  1. Material

    Frontguard Paint Protection utilizes only the best in the Paint Protection industry…..3M Scothgard ™ Paint Protection Film. This ensures us, as well as our clients that we are backed by 3M, the leader in Paint Protection. 3M Scotchgard ™ is the only product in the Paint Protection Industry that utilizes a true clear-coat technology, and is backed by a 5 year warranty.

  2. Kit Design

    A lot of our clients are unaware of the crucial role that Kit Design plays in the overall outcome of their installation. A lot of software companies are producing inferior kit designs, primarily due to their efforts to increase the ease of installation for their installers. The way this is achieved is by providing a multi-piece kit that causes the installation to become more manageable, so that less experienced installers will have the ability to manage a difficult, time consuming installation. For the consumer, they will receive an inferior quality kit design, which will cause the increased visibility of the product due to multiple seams being butted together. This will also become exponentially more visible when the vehicle has become dirty.

    Frontguard Paint Protection only utilizes the best in kit design. The goal of our kit designers is to ensure that there are not any seams in our kits, and that designs stretch from end to end on each body panel, therefore not requiring two pieces of paint protection film to be butted up to each other. We also offer extended coverage kits for many vehicles so that our clients have choices in the amount of coverage they would like their vehicles to receive, based on their driving habits and conditions.

  3. Insallation Quality

    Paint Protection Film is only as good as the ability of the installation company. In essence, the film is worthless unless properly installed on your vehicle. During the application process, visible imperfections will form if the film is not applied properly such as unsightly stretch marks, silvering marks, dimples, bubbles, and edges lifting if not properly adhered to the surface. Unfortunately, some of these conditions increase when the paint is a darker color. With our 5+ years of experience in the Paint Protection industry, we have developed a wide array of techniques that virtually eliminate these issues which result in a near flawless installation that does not detract from the natural beauty of the vehicles factory finish.