Custom Installations

Frontguard Paint Protection offers custom installations for our clients who prefer a seamless installation. This process utilizes the widest width of 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film, which eliminates the majority of seams that occur with computer/software generated kits In addition to the installations of our software generated kits, Frontgaurd Paint Protection has been performing custom installations for our clients since the inception of our company. Our experience in these types of applications allows us to offer our clients services that are not readily available with our competitors.

All custom installations are on a case by case basis. If interested, we will meet with our clients, and discuss their options on their vehicles prior to the installation date. Most installers in the Paint Protection market are not trained to perform these types of installations due to the level of skill required to complete this type of application. We have performed full frontal coverage for an extensive number of our clients, and would be happy to share the quality of our work with any interested individual.

Since this process may not be practical for most applications, it is an option that is far less expensive then repainting an exotic vehicle, that as a result of a repaint, will decrease the value of that vehicle. Please contact us if interested in these applications.